Dog Boarding Tips And Advice

The dreadful decision to dog boarding has to be made by most dog owners at some point, but rest assured that there are resort-like getaways for dogs these days which include pet-friendly TV programs, comfy beds, and for the luckier ones, swimming pools, and other fun amenities. Correctly preparing your dog, he may be just as enthusiastic about his getaway as people are about their own. We decided to interview the directors of a dog boarding camp, asking her how to ensure a happy, comfortable, and happy boarding experience.

First Thing’s First

You must choose the best dog boarding facility that’s perfect for both you and your pet. She suggests visiting numerous boarding facilities until you find one where you are most comfortable, and you believe your dog would also be happy. You might get a gut feeling that something’s not right, and if you do, just don’t give them the benefit of the doubt. You have to feel good about the place.

Look around the facility, which should not only look good, but it should also smell clean, in addition to it looking safe for your dog to sleep in or play in, without dangerous corners or fences from which your dog may escape. Keep an eye out for the way in which staff members interact with their other overnight guests.

Don’t be shy to ask managers at boarding facilities lots of questions before you commit:

  • Is it possible to visit the facility in its entirety?
  • If they say no, for whatever reason, you should reconsider leaving your pet there.
  • Safety is a priority, so ask what happens should your dog fall sick or become injured while staying at their facility.
  • How does the staff handle my dog misbehaving?
  • Is your staff trained in dog behaviour and dog handling? If so, why type of training? Also, are they continually educated?
  • Do you have vaccination requirements?
  • Is your staff CPR certified and able to provide pet first aid?
  • Do you have access to a veterinarian either on call or on staff? Will the responsible party contact my dog’s veterinarian?
  • Who watches the overnight guests at night?
  • My dog is particular about his food, toys, and bedding, so can I bring his things?
  • Are there added charges for feeding my dog pet food we provide? Do you charge to give my dog medication?
  • Will, my dog, interact with people on a daily basis, and if so, what type of attention will he have? Do you charge extra for the attention or hugs? What about more walks?
  • The bottom line is that if you don’t like the replies to any of the above questions, perhaps this is not the ideal facility for your dog.


How to Prepare Your Dog

After doing your homework and settling on a place, have your pooch visit the facility before leaving him overnight. He should sniff around and be rewarded with a treat by the friendly staff. It’s probably best to book a daycare session so your dog will become familiar with the place before leaving him there for a more lengthy stay. Your dog will thereby feel more positive with the facility. Roach also suggests dropping off a blanket at the boarding facility so that it picks up the scent of the facility. After that, take it home, and your dog will familiarize itself with the smell of the doggy hotel. So, when the time comes to bring the dog to the kennel, do the opposite and bring something that smells like home, like his favourite toy or cushion.

For the most part, kennel requires rabies vaccination proof, as well as for bordetella and distemper, although rules differ from one to another, so it’s important to know beforehand. Puppies who have not received their full series of initial vaccines should not be boarded, as it could be potentially dangerous for them. Additionally, provide an emergency contact to the kennel for when you’re away.

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